Co-Sleeper Plans


There is nothing quite as incredible as having your baby nearby you while you are sleeping. This Schematic drawing of how to Do it yourself and build a co-sleeper is just what you need to build a safe reliable and functional co-sleeper.

Included in this Package

  • Materials list (all the parts you need listed so you only have to make one trip to Home Depot! )
  • Cut list (you’ve heard it said measure twice cut once? We’ve got them all in a list for you)
  • Step by Step guide for building your very own co-sleeper
  • Full Illustrations of two optional configurations.
  • Hints and tips of how to customize the co-sleeper height to match that of your bed.

Co-Sleeper Plans for building

Why buy a co-sleeper that doesn’t fit your bed, or that cannot be used as a mini crib when the child gets older? Why buy a tiny co-sleeper that doesn’t allow for use when the child is 6 or more? We agree, which is why we built this co-sleeper in the first place, and after many requests for drawings/plans we’ve invested in making the ideal cosleeper building plans just for you.


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